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The web profession is a varied field where the right e-commerce developer or web designer could literally be your neighbor. So how does one go about finding the correct developer for your project?

First, I would ask a business friend how they choose their developer, word of mouth can get you a great professional at a fraction of the cost all because of who you know. If that tactic doesn’t seem to give the results you need turn to the powerful Google machine.

Written by Creative Automaton on 8th January 2013

Most of the websites, single webpages, and web developments Creative Automaton Design make for clients use the powerful CMS WordPress.

Written by Creative Automaton on 2nd March 2012

Keeping up with the website jones is getting harder and harder everyday. Along with managing your business you need to be able to monitor and make decisions on the direction your small business website is going. What better way is there to do that than with a price tag of free? none. So for a brief overview […]

Written by Creative Automaton on 22nd February 2012
web hosting laptops

Great you need a website, and hey you even have a pretty good idea what you want it to be like. But that’s the easily stuff what about who is going to design it and then keep it up and running?

Written by Creative Automaton on 30th November 2011
Freelance Design saint louis

Freelance design can be a lonely trek into new territory, so for a bit of insight into being a freelance designer in saint Louis I decided to write a little about freelancing in the beautiful city of my birth–Saint Louis.

Written by Creative Automaton on 19th November 2011