Freelance work can be fun. Yet the fun and excitement isn’t without an all consuming fear of bad luck, economy,  partners, clients, timing, projects, or resources.

Written by Creative Automaton on 9th October 2014
What google adwords can do

In the world of online advertisements you would find it difficult not to of heard the phrase “Adwords”. If you just troll the Internet a few times looking for a good marketing strategy you will see millions of Adwords references.

Written by Creative Automaton on 9th October 2014

A search engine can be a fickle mistress. She temps you with the ease of access to millions of customers and even the ability to have yours listed among the most important in the world.

Written by Creative Automaton on 28th September 2014
Quality Design

The web profession is a varied field where the right e-commerce developer or web designer could literally be your neighbor. So how does one go about finding the correct developer for your project?

First, I would ask a business friend how they choose their developer, word of mouth can get you a great professional at a fraction of the cost all because of who you know. If that tactic doesn’t seem to give the results you need turn to the powerful Google machine.

Written by Creative Automaton on 8th January 2013

Most of the websites, single webpages, and web developments Creative Automaton Design make for clients use the powerful CMS WordPress.

Written by Creative Automaton on 2nd March 2012