The golden ratio – A brief on design

The Golden Ratio (section)

The Golden Ratio (section)

Who says that art can’t be made by a mathematician?

Today’s brief Graphic design lesson is on how math does play a large role in how we define beauty. So lets start at the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ration is a lot of things but mostly it is a relationship between two numbers that has been used in western art for well over two thousand years. The simplicity of it’s formula, a : b = b : (a+b) is why it works. Basically it means that the smaller of the two elements (such as the side of a rectangle) relates to the larger element in the same way that two smaller parts equal the one larger element.

How does this relate to design or art you say? Well when faced with a situation of invoking an emotion, telling a story, relating a theme, or any of the millions of other situations art provides. One can use the golden ratio to divide equally or unequally on purpose to bring apart a specific look to design or art. And if you think about it people respond to this everyday when they look for beauty or ugly because people like symmetry and dislike unequal symmetry.

A designer uses these polar opposites with shades of gray in-between to give websites, posters, logos, and even dog food better design. I hope this was helpful to anyone out there looking to understand what graphic designers think of when making your business look beautiful.

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  • Sam Weiss

    Pretty good article. I am in design school right now and this sounds like something we spoke on the other day. The golden ratio can be found almost anywhere.

  • Darnell

    Thanks a lot for trying to describe the terminlogy for the starters!

  • Skullcandy Kopfhoerer

    Great follower on this website, a handful of your blog posts have definitely helped me out. Looking towards news!