how do you find a web developer?

The web profession is a varied field where the right e-commerce developer or web designer could literally be your neighbor. so how does one go about finding the correct developer for your project?

First, I would ask a business  friend how they choose their developer, word of mouth can get you a great professional at a fraction of the cost all because of who you know.  If that tactic doesn’t seem to give the results you need turn to the powerful Google machine.

There are 3 ways to use Google to find a web developer

1. Search for you projects main function on developer message boards like or share Those site have tons of quality developers looking for projects.

2. Add the word freelance agency to your search to filter out larger players from your results.

3. Use Google maps to make a list of area developers and check their contact information for completeness. If a developer isn’t using Google maps for advertisement he probably won’t have the resources you need.

Another often over looked spot to find web developers is Craigslist, though I caution accepting every post as legitimate I have made many great partnerships with other developers from simply emailing local services offered posts.

So here’s a foothold to start your business up the right path to discovering an amazing front-end developer, magneto wizard, or WordPress guru. If you have any comment or questions leave them with gusto.