Simple WordPress Backend information

Some the websites that Creative Automaton Design creates these days Most of the websites, single webpages, and web developments Creative Automaton Design make for clients use the powerful CMS WordPress. And though every client who is not comepletly familiar with the way WordPress is setup gets a crash course in how it works I thought it best to spend this weeks blog post on explaining a few WordPress nouences.

WordPress WordPress Posts

At the Top of the Dashboard right after you login there is a sidebar to the left which has many links to the functions of WordPress. The “Posts” link takes you to a listing of your most recent blog posts. These posts can be organized by date or given an order of importance by you.

Making a new post is as simple as clicking the “Add Post” link at the top of the page and a new post page will be ready for you to add text, images or even videos. When finished click the ” Publish” button to make the post live on your site.

WordPress pagesWordPress Pages

Pages in WordPress are exactly like posts yet they serve to put permanent content on your site which can then be used for menus to make your content easily accessible. You create WordPress pages in the same way as posts but by clicking the “Pages” link from the dashboard, and then publishing the page when finished.

WordPress  widgetsWidgets in WordPress

Widgets in WordPress serve to add custom content to the sidebar of your website in a clean no fuss manager. To add a widget hover you mouse over the “appearance” link on the dashboard to reveal the widgets link then click on the “Widget” link to go to the homepage of your widgets. On this page you can now drag and drop any number of widgets to specified sidebar locations which are shown on the right side of the page. If the widgets or sidebar locations are hidden you can reveal them by clicking the down arrow on each widget or sidebar. Widgets and sidebars need to be saved once dropped or re-arranged to make them live on your WordPress site.

WordPress Trick

Logging into and out of WordPress:

Now we all can see log-in and register links at the top, side, or bottom of most websites  but in the case of WordPress these can sometimes not be enough. A nice trick when looking for a shealthly placed login is to add this ” /wp-admin” to the end of any WordPress sites addess (i.e. ) This only works if the file structure is simple and placed in the root of the hosting server.  Give it a try the next time you are looking for a way to login or register but someone forgot to mention where it is located.